Steel Grating Floor Ordering Instructions Help You to Choose Right Size

Ordering instructions

The frame type of steel grating floor is based on the customer’s construction requirements and takes into account the deck’s performance characteristics. When you selecting a geometric dimension, it is necessary to think about the maximum dimension of the floor: 2500 × 2200 mm (2500 mm is the maximum length of bearing bar, 2200 mm is the maximum length of crossing bar). The best dimension of steel grating is 1500 × 1000 mm.

When you place grating floor, you should make the bearing bars perpendicular to the supports, if the crossing bar perpendicular to the support, floor grating has no load capacity, which may lead to structural damage.

Order example

  • A buyer want to order an area of 1250 × 2200 mm steel grating floor (The following pictures.)
  • The former 1250 mm is the width of the floor, the latter 2200 mm is the length of the floor. For the convenience of manufacturing and installation, and for galvanized completely, we suggested that the steel grating floor should divided into two parts.
  • Therefore, the coverage area is 1250 × 2200 mm, 1250 mm is the length of bearing bar, 1100 mm is the length of crossing bar.
OI-01: It actually needed 1250 × 2200 mm steel grating floor, but for the convenience of manufacture and installation, the steel grating floor divided into two parts.

Specified steel grating floor order

  • Press locked and welded steel grating floor
    • P33 × 33; 30 × 3; S2; Zn; Type A; 2 parts: 1250 × 1100 mm (It is Specification of order product and the meaning of every words and figures given below)
      • P33 × 33 mm: 33 mm, pitch of crossing bars and pitch of bearing bar.
      • 30 × 3: 30 mm is the height of bearing bar, 3 mm is the thickness of bearing bar.
      • S2: Anti-skid.
      • Zn: Galvanized (It can be customized according to customers).
      • Type A: Type of steel grating floor.
      • 1250 × 1100 mm: Size, offer by the manufacturer.
  • Steel grating staircase tread
    • designation stairs “P” 30 × 3; 33 × 33; Zn; 600 × 240 mm (It is specification of order product and meaning of every words and figures given below)
      • P: Type of stairs.
      • 30 × 3 mm: Type of bearing bar.
      • 33 × 33 mm: Mesh size.
      • Zn: Galvanized surface treatment.
      • 600 × 240 mm: Size of tread.
      • Surface treatment can be untreated, galvanized, PVC, painted color, etc.

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