Tips to choose best grating

If you are looking forward to purchase best steel grating you might be finding it hard to choose the right option. Well to make your task a bit easier, we have brought forth a handful of tips to follow and pick the best grating available in market.

Welded and press locked grating

Even though both of them are so much similar in looks, but they are typically different especially in the way they are being produced. The press locked gratings are put under high pressure during manufacture and pressed against each other. Hence the end result is, a product that is two-directional and is firmly connected to one another.

On the other hand, if we talk about welded type grating, it has high strength and can be installed easily without any problem. This product is a welded one piece product, which has high resistance and is strong enough to bear difficult situations. With these two gratings, having similar feature user can choose any one suiting their preferences.

Choice of materials

As per your needs the choice of materials can be made. If in case you require gratings on walkways or shelves, it is essential that you opt for the one which is strong and is able to bear different situations. If in case you don’t choose a strong material, there are chances that you will not get the desired results. Considering the fact, it is important that you choose the right material suiting your requirement.

Choice of mesh size

Once the choice of right material is made, it is important that you consider the size of metal bar grating as well. The common size available in the market is, 2 or 3 feet or 20 to 24 feet in length. While you are making the choice, don’t forget that its use, place and requirement will make the final decision with respect to its size.

Optical perception can be determined by size and shape of mesh. Hence customer should make a note of its requirement and then make the final choice. Further, use also plays an important factor. Like if you want more light, then having a bigger mesh is essential, on the contrary if you choose smaller mesh it is going to prevent any things from falling off. if you are looking for something which can carry heavy load, it is good to have a smaller mesh installed within the place.

Protection to the surface

If you are looking for a strong surface then probably steel grating is the choice to make. They are black in colour and are not coated with any zinc or material. Instead this is their natural look, and gives user a strong surface which they have always desired for. You will be delighted to know, that this form of grating is going to last for a long period of time probably 40 years without having any impact on its functionality. If in case you want an extra protection, then painting or power coating the grating is the option you can choose.


Following tips mentioned above, shall undoubtedly make your choice much easy and doable. For individuals who don’t want to compromise on quality of Custom Fabricated Bar Grating or other forms of grating they can simply logon to our company site and opt for the amazing products available here.

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