Royce Steel Grating Supplier Developing History

Throughout 24 years of innovation and exploit, we went through four important stages and gained an abundant wealth of experience and spirit.

1993-1998: Pioneering Days
On 26th October, 1993, Lu Xinyue, Pan Zhengli and other two people came to Zhenhai Jiulong Conveying machinery Factory which was jointly established by Zhenhai Power Station and the village government. Face a great deficit of up to 200,000 RMB, the company would go bankrupt. Under such as circumstance, Mr. Lu, our general manager took over the factory and restarted the manufacture.

We had these following difficulties to cope with
(1) The amount of loss was about 270,000 RMB.
(2) The factory covered a land area of 10,000 square meters and a building area of 800 square meters.
(3) Insufficient technical documents and drawings
(4) A lack of manufacture machines. The factory only had a steel sheering machine, bending machine and several welders.
(5) Terrible working environment. The factory was covered with dust and sand and had no tree.
(6) 12 workers.

We didn’t be discouraged and give up. On the contrary, we accepted this huge challenge. Mr. Lu went out and found clients. The rest employees arranged the factory and purchased processing machines, organized training courses and prepared for manufacture.

In November, 1993, Yuanbaoshan power plant turned us for 3 conveyors and Huangpu power plant ordered one set of CS350 conveyor. In the leadership of Mr. Lu, each employee focused on his own job, overcame many difficulties and finally completer the orders on time. After that, we left creditable impression and established a good reputation in the industry.

Since 1994, our sales income kept climbing up and we maintained harmonious cooperation with more 50 companies. Conveyors by our company received high recognition in the electric power industry.

1998-2003: Continuous Innovation and Exploration
We were not satisfied with the progress we had made and never ceased to innovate. That’s why we heavily invested in the research and development of new products and introduced new projects, laying a foundation for long-term development.

During the five years, we set foot in a new field and developed some new products, including welding mask, aluminum composite tubes, extracting machine, etc. Although all trials failed, we gained valuable experience and lately successfully developed dust collector, spiral conveyor, cleaning equipment, hoister and more.

In addition to product innovation, we also underwent some change in company management. Our company became a joint-stock company and changed the name into Ningbo Jiulong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The company also passed ISO9001-2000 Quality Management System Standards.

2003-2008: Rapid Advance
In 2003, after surveys and investigation in many places, we discovered that steel grating was a new type of metal material to Chinese but had been widely applied in western countries for nearly 100 years. Mr. Lu thought steel gratings had a bright and promising future in China and our company started the research and development of architectural gratings.

After overcoming countless obstacles and undergoing successive defeat, we finally invented well-received gratings. As the market demands kept going, the firm introduced 7 automated pressure welding machines from 2004 to 2008 and evolved into one of the leading entity in the industry. Our sales income also increased from 30 million RMB in 2004 to 200 million RMB in 2008. Thereinto, foreign sales accounted for 20 million USD.

Other Achievements
(1) The manufacturing complex expanded and spanned an area of 20,000 square meters.
(2) Our employees increased to over 300 people.
(3) We upgraded the manufacture procedures and realized independent production.
(4) The company also won various awards, such as Quality Gold Prize, Environmental Protection Award, etc.

2008 till Now: Steady Development
After going through the financial crisis and double negative survey, Jiulong fortunately survived and continued developing. We kept launching new products and sold our gratings to over 50 countries and regions.

The sales income once declined to 120 million RMB in 2009. However, after scientific management and prompt response, the company returned to steadily develop in 2010, with a sales increase rate of over 20%. In 2012, the sales income soared up to 200 million RMB.

In order to complete mass production, we imported the most advanced steel grating manufacture machine in 2015, along with other 7 automatic production lines, achieving an annual production of 60,000 tons.