We collect these frequently asked questions and help customers further understand our company and products.

1. What standards do your steel gratings meet?
We are able to manufacture steel gratings in complaint with standards in different countries, such as YB/T4001.1-2007, ANSI/NAAMM (MBG531), BS4592 and JJS Standards.

2. How do you control the quality of your gratings?
In order to get high quality, we introduce advanced production lines and inspection machines, strictly follow the manufacture requirements and gained countless certifications. 70% of our gratings are sold overseas, well demonstrating the superior product quality.

3. What specifications and types do you supply?
Jiulong has the manufacture ability to offer steel grating of any specifications or types. You only need to inform us your special requirements about dimensions, materials, color and anything you think we should know.

4. What’s your raw material?
Our raw materials include Q235 and A36carbon steel and stainless steel. Additionally, we can also use material that the customer appoints.

5. What’s the difference between plain grating and serrated grating?
The serrated grating possesses better anti-slip performance but higher price than plant grating, widely used in petrochemical engineering.

6. What’s the surface treatment?
The surface treatment includes hot-dip galvanization, painting, electrostatic coating or non-treatment.

7. What does length and width exactly refer to?
In a grating, the length means the length of bearing bar while width means the length of cross bar. When you place an order, please make the dimensions clear and avoid mistakes.

8. How do you calculate the area of each grating?
a. For regular shape grating, the area equals to length multiplied by width of grating, including the area of holes and notches.
b. For irregular shape grating, the area is that of the steel grating before cutting, instead of the area of irregular shape grating.

9. Why should we offer the structure drawing and detailed parameters of the work site?
This is a requirement for better servicing you. Based on your structure drawing and parameters, we design and offer a grating perfectly suits your work site and ensure no extra cutting while usage. It greatly simplifies the installation work and saves your time. What’s more, according to the information you offer, we can recommend you the best suitable grating, which will save you time and money. We can also avoid the confusion between length and width mentioned in Q7 and prevent unnecessary economic loss for you.

10. Do you accept rush orders?
If the order requires 30% of our raw materials, we will accept your rush order. We will use four pressure welding machines and assign three teams of workers. For hot galvanization, we have built a galvanized pool.

11. How do you control the product quality?
The QA team will do testing and take records in every step, from raw material purchase to finished product delivery, making sure each step is traceable and materials entering the next program are 100% qualified.