We strictly follow manufacture requirements and run standard production process and inspection on each steel grating.

Raw Material Workshop

Strip steel

Slitting machine

Flat bars

We strongly believed that the quality of raw material directly leads to the quality and properties of finished products. We purchase top quality strip steel from reliable suppliers and never produce flat bars on our own, instead of buying hot-rolled flat bars on the market. By doing so, we effectively guarantee the quality of flat bars and eliminate quality problems in the beginning.

Pressure Welding Workshop

Semi-finished products are sent to pressure welding workshop for automatic welding.

The workers are conducting quality test.

The workers are conducting quality test.

To date, we are equipped with 8 automatic production lines and realize a daily production of 1,100 pieces of 6-meter long gratings. Jiulong is famous for strong manufacture capability and fast delivery.

Products Workshop

Qualified gratings are cut in accordance with customer’s requirements.

The architectural gratings will be welded by the robot arm.


Dimension inspection


Stair tread packaging

Steel grating packaging

Steel grating packaging

Handrail packaging

In this workshop, we mainly conduct cutting, edge welding, grinding and other procedures. With the application of advanced CNC lathes, we realize a dramatic increase in welding quality and working efficiency, and send superior quality architectural metal products to our most valued clients.