Custom Stainless Steel Railings

Conforming to YB/T4001.2-2007 standards, the handrail standard is connected by balls and undergoes hot-dip galvanization. Noted for high rigidity, durability, easy installation and excellent corrosion resistance, handrail standards manufactured by Beststeelgratings are widely used in shipyards, bridges, power plants, petrochemical factory, steel works, sewage treatment centers, water plants, gardens, municipal construction, airports and docks.

Beststeelgratings provides a variety of steel railings for your project needs. Steel handrails are an effective alternative to wood and are available with many different designs that are pressed into the railing itself.

Classic, contemporary, rustic or modern; we have the right steel railing for any project. All handrails are made in-house and meet the highest quality standards.

Surface Treatment Choices of Steel Railing

Three treatments are offered, including hot-dip galvanization, painting and non-treatment. We recommend galvanization treatment.

Available Models

Currently, we have the manufacture capacity to produce 18 types of handrail stanchions. Custom service is also accessible.

Handrail Bases

Stanchions and Rails

Stanchion Rail
Diameter of ball (mm) Diameter of stanchion (mm) Dimensions of hand rail (mm) Dimensions of knee rail (mm)
66 42.3 Diameter ×thickness=33.5×3.25 L=6000mm Diameter × thickness=26.8×2.75 L=6000mm
78 48 42.3×3.25 L=6000mm 33.5×3.25 L=6000mm

Return Bends and Radius Elbows

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