Trench Grate

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Brief Introduction

1. After proper cutting and processing, steel grating turns into drain cover and is widely used in sidewalks, roadways, gardens, parks, subways, wells, etc. In order for anti-corrosion and long service life, all trench grates are hot-dip galvanized.

2. The trench grate consists of two parts, a framework and a moveable grating plate. According to different structures, the customized stormwater drainage is divided into two types, GT type and GU type.

3. In municipal construction, this type of drain cover usually functions as air vent and water drainage outlet in various residential facilities. Generally, the flip angle is designed into 110°. Plus, this drainage grate is anti-theft and easy to install.

Bearing Capacity of Different Grates

Model Gross weight of vehicle (kg) Single wheel Load (kN) Contact area (mm2)
 T-25 25,000 100 200×500
 T-20 20,000 80 200×500
 T-14 14,000 56 200×500
 T-6 6,000 24 200×240
 T-2 2,000 8 200×160

GM Drain Cover

The GM drain cover is usually manufactured with a 50mm spacing of cross bar to enhance the anti-impact performance.